K9Rally : A handy reference for AKC Rally Signs

This app is a digital version of my friend and mentor, Bea Moore’s popular Flash Cards.  It is meant to be a lightweight app to quickly find and read the sign descriptions for any sign that is used on an AKC Rally course.

Minimal frills, does not need an active internet connection to read the sign descriptions, and 100% ad-free – It is perfect for use in a trial environment!

May 7, 2024


I am aware that the app is no longer visible on the Android Play Store.  This app was written in 2017,  and has to be updated to support the latest version of Android.  I will probably relaunch this app with a different name, and it is not a trivial task for me. I understand that a lot of you are looking forward to this app – believe me, I am trying my best to get this out as soon as possible.  Meanwhile if you want you can always order flash cards from Bea’s K9Rally store

Apple iOS users :
App available on the App Store

Rally Course Designer

A web – based tool to design course maps for AKC Rally.

Coming Jun 2024!