K9Rally is a handy reference to all the signs that appear in an AKC Rally Course.  Different signs are used in different levels (classes) and each sign has a specific set of instructions. Those of us who regularly compete in Rally know that even after weeks and months of practice, we like to look over the sign descriptions before our turn at a trial. This app was designed to make it easy for us to do just that.

I am one of the lucky few who get to train with Bea Moore (an AKC Rally Judge with years of expertise in Rally, and founder of K9Rally.com). This app is modeled after the Rally Flip Cards Bea sells, and also includes some of her helpful hints and shares the name with her website.


  • Contains Signs and Descriptions of all the signs that are used in AKC Rally (Including the newly added signs that will go in effect from November 2017).
    • The principal parts of the exercise are clearly highlighted in bold and underlined.
    • Some signs are accompanied with hints from Bea. 
  • You can mark signs as favorite, and view just the favorites instead of the whole set of 100+ signs. This can be particularly handy before a trial, where you need super quick access to just 15 or 20 signs. Or, if you wanted to train only a specific set of signs with your dog, you are only limited by your creativity about how you can use this!
  • Quick Lookup with search: How annoying is it when you have a certain sign in mind, but have to turn pages and or scroll through all the signs to find what you are looking for?  With a new search functionality, quickly find that sign! You can search by
    • Sign number (Ex: 312)
    • Any word in the name of the sign (Ex: Serpentine)
    • Class (Ex: Novice)
    • Kind of signs (Ex: Jump)
  • Easy Navigation : With intuitive swipe gestures, you can quickly move from one sign to the other, and navigate through all signs, your favorites, or your search results.
  • Guidelines: The scoring guidelines, along with the glossary are available for quick, easy and offline reference. We have also included a link to the Official AKC Rally regulations, if you need more details (but this requires an internet connection)
All of is 100% ad-free!
Don’t forget to check out Bea’s website to shop for her set of hard copy signs, flip cards, and other useful tools you might need to train for this super-fun sport.